Saturday, March 14, 2020

Healthcare Staffing Shortage Example

Healthcare Staffing Shortage Example Healthcare Staffing Shortage – Coursework Example Healthcare Staffing Shortage al Affiliation Healthcare Staffing Shortage Manpower is the most important resource in any healthcare settings. Human resource managers should ensure that they are able to attract and also retain the best workforce in the setting. This can be ensured through a comprehensive framework for selecting, on-boarding and inducting the best personnel in healthcare institutions. There are various ways that human resource managers can deal with the problem of staff shortage in hospitals. This paper will explore the options that a manager may consider.Public-private PartnershipThis option involves having the public and private health institutions working together to ensure that healthcare delivery has the best personnel. The partnership also ensures that all the terms and conditions in both are similar thus reducing the rate of turnover in both (Isgur, 2008). Further, the partnership goes to the extent of ensuring quality training of healthcare professionals. Facult y training and programs promotion is one of the fruits of such a partnership.Technology-driven TrainingTo reduce the number of personnel required in an institution, embracement of technology is key. When technology is well applied in the healthcare setting, there is time saved for patients care and performance of other activities that cannot be mechanized (Isgur, 2008). Selecting staff who have technical skills is therefore important.Conducive Working SpaceThe best employees are attracted and retained in working environment that are safe and conducive. Currently, flexibility of roles ensures that employees feel satisfied and free rather than being tied up by roles (Isgur, 2008). Managers should ensure this flexibility is there and maintained. When this is so, competitive staff are easily attracted and retained.Performance Review and FeedbackThrough review of employees performance, managers are able to identify areas that employees feel need changes and rectify (Isgur, 2008). Providi ng positive review feedback helps to develop employees and encourage them.References Isgur, B. (2008). Healing The Health Care Staffing Shortage. Trustee.

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